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Click here to watch any of our informational videos on what we do. We provides cleaning of your carpet, dryer vent, duct and upholstery. We also repair heater, furnace, air conditioner to give you best air quality of your home.
Remove dust and vacuum your home regularly. (Use a high efficiency vacuum (HEPA) cleaner or the highest efficiency filter bags your vacuum cleaner can take. Vacuuming can increase the amount of dust in the air during and after vacuuming as well as in your ducts).
Well, if it’s just a piece, I’d throw it away. It’s likely a scrap piece that’s been in there longer than you may have realized and in your cleaning, worked it’s way to visibility. Unfortunately, much debris found in duct is from construction and people using the duct as a dustpan. If you don’t see any parts missing or holes in the ducting, then just toss it and know that they’re that much cleaner.
Gratuitous Rant: First, I’ll be honest with you…I think this is all a bunch of voodoo.  If you properly replace your air conditioning filters, on the proper interval of every three months, then having your air ducts cleaned wouldn’t be necessary in the first place.  Second, having replaced a lot of ductwork in my day, let me tell you that if you have flex-duct, which you probably do, having your air ducts “cleaned” is going to tear them all up on the inside.  On the inside, they are plastic about as thick as a disposable tupperware container.  They are meant to maintain proper air flow over a 10-20 year lifespan, NOT to be scraped with a brush and vacuum.  We’ve had to replace a lot of ductwork in our day from people having their ducts cleaned.  That being said, you are here because you are interested in having your air ducts cleaned, so I’ll be nice from here on out…but now you know my thoughts.
im buying a house on west coast of Fl close to the water. The inspector said there seemed to be mold at some registers & at some connections in the attic. The pics did show wat appeared to be mold & said its common. What do i do now? im very low on money, looking for an idea. i can replace all the flex tubing in the attic.
PANTHER 25. 3 tier stainless steel shelf. TURN ANY VAN, TRAILER, OR TRUCK INTO A MONEY MAKING MACHINE! Tile and grout machine. 200 foot of vacuum and solution hoses. 120 gallon stainless steel recover…
Did you know that cleaning your ducts and vents can help airflow and increase energy efficiency? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), keeping your air ducts and vents clear can increase energy efficiency and indoor air quality. While the cost to clean ducts and vents might sound the benefits to homeowners–especially those sensitive to allergens–is worth considering.
I have had this done and am skeptical of the benefits. I watched the guy do it and it seemed he did a very thorough job, but my feeling are if your filter stays very clean for long after it is normally due for a change you do not need duct cleaning.
Our team of specialists come equipped the necessary tools and equipment. Generally speaking, our technicians will take special vacuum hoses and brushes to give your air ducts a meticulous cleaning. They are flexible and can make turns with ease to ensure everything is cleaned. In unique air duct work cases, other techniques are performed. Getting your ducts cleared and cleaned out can help prevent mold breakouts, reduce allergy contagions, and in many professionals opinions, increase energy efficiency.
The duct cleaning was great. I also ordered hookups of my washer and dryer with A1 in Beaverton, OR which was to include bringing new supply lines and a drain hose for the washer. After verifying twice this would be done with A1 on their direct office line, they called the day of the install to say they didn’t do hoses and didn’t have them. So, I don’t have a working laundry in my house until I get the hoses myself. Why did they say they could do it? What a let down.
Even though there is no evidence to support the claim that duct cleaning benefits your health, there is also no evidence that it harms your health if done properly.  So if you have just had your ducts cleaned, don’t fret about it.  It wasn’t a bad investment in your health and overall it definitely helped more than it hurt.

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We were surprised that our $99.00 air duct cleaning turned into a $350 ADDITIONAL cleaning of our system. While we understood the reasoning behind the cleaning, we do not understand why it cost so much since we watched them spray an aerosol chemical that was supposed to “melt” the dirt. We would likely look for a cheaper alternative next time, however the guys that came seemed to have done a good job.
Remove dust and vacuum your home regularly. (Use a high efficiency vacuum (HEPA) cleaner or the highest efficiency filter bags your vacuum cleaner can take. Vacuuming can increase the amount of dust in the air during and after vacuuming as well as in your ducts).
Tyler – Yes. If the breaker to the furnace is off, you should be safe under normal circumstances. A simple voltage detector is always nice to have though to be sure. You just touch it to anything and if there is voltage, it will blink and/or beep. Only costs like $20 and is useful for many things. Thanks for reading.
John and his crew were very friendly and very informative regarding the hvac system and duct cleaning. We will surely call Sears again for this and other services based on this experience. We are very pleased. Thanks!
The cost of cleaning your air ducts is determined by the size of your air duct system and the extent of contamination. On average, homeowners spend between $265 and $471, with $352 being the national average.
A: All inside air was once outside air, so all of the dust, chemicals, pollen, insects and mold spores in the ouside air can be pulled into the air system. People shed millions of tiny dead skin cells every hour. Cooking smoke, household insect sprays, personal care products are also a source of pollutants. Many construction materials, carpets, wood products and plastics give off pollutants as well. During construction or remodeling activities, many types of dust are produced and find way into the duct work. If the duct components were stored outside prior to construction, they may have collected dust, rain water and even mold before they were installed in a system
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Are you suffering from headaches or sinus problems? Do you dust your furniture, only to find a sprinkling of fine dust settling down on everything again shortly afterwards? Chances are that it’s time to clean your air ducts. For over 20 years, Air Quality Systems has been providing Norcross and the greater Atlanta area with premier air duct cleaning. We specialize in removing dust, dirt, debris, and mold from residential and commercial HVAC systems.
A family owned and operated company, Armstrong Hearth and Home has been a leading provider of air duct cleaning services since 1965. We are a National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) member company and follow NADCA’s stringent cleaning standards. We use NADCA’s recommended source removal technique that utilizes large negative air machines, mechanical brushes, and compressed air tools to clean air duct systems. Our process does not include chemicals, disinfectants, and masking of fragrances because there is no need with this thorough cleaning method.
Briana – Thank you for the feedback. I love to hear back from you guys/gals. Look into using pleated filters and perhaps even having a UV light installed in the duct if you believe that is the source.
I agree with the first post, you should always avoid the scams of companies just trying to get their foot in the door. With our company personally we will give an estimate over the phone based off of sq ft and how many vents, and when we give a price quote that’s what it will be. I am a firm believer that you should know the exact cost before you have something done. Also the time is also correct, it takes time to go into someones home and do a great job. Anyone who is there less than one and a half hours should not have been there in the first place.
It’s 11 years plus in the industry I have only had to sanitize two systems both were slab systems that were in concrete and could be cleaned with a different method than normal duct cleaning. We were able to use water to rinse out the disinfectant. Would you use a chemical on anything else you use to eat or drink with and not rinse it off? The ducts in your home should be thought of as your homes heart and lungs and breathe the same air that you do. And just like us we wouldn’t use bad chemicals in our lungs and heart.
I reiside in the NE and lived in house for 43 years and avoided duct cleaning due to concerns about the amount of dust etc that would inevitably blow back into house after being disturbed. Is that valid?
First, find the drain line where it leaves the evaporator coil enclosure. The drain is usually a one-inch PVC pipe (white, grey, or black). Follow it to the end where it drains. Often the line drains outside near the condenser unit, but it can also drain into a utility sink or basement floor drain or, in the case of attic units, down an outside wall.
Do not allow them to use steam because this introduces unneeded moisture into your air conditioning system, and although the moisture on the airflow side of your ducts will soon evaporate, steamers will also blow moisture into areas that do not receive air circulation (joints, etc.) which is a recipe for mold growth.  Don’t allow unnatural moisture into your HVAC system.  Take a look at: How Do You Prevent Mold?
I know it has to have a new concentric venting system installed, I believe it needs new plenums ( mine are rusty but both of these require extra work , so someHVAC persons are saying I do not need either!! RED FLAG THERE. Also, it will need a new drain using PVCP ?? Piping run maybe two, depending on where my evep coil drain is conected (here in TN they use to run them in with the septic lines, now they cannot be run through that way), Lastly I am not where or what these things do beides hold water but I was told It needs a filter rack and new filter base safety pan. THATSSS it that is all I know about this stuff aside from the fact that nothing up there is to code thus far LOL. !!