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I had my ducts cleaned by Perfect Plus which does the Rotary Cleaning as well as the referred to “blow and go” cleaning. I felt the rotary cleaning was very beneficial. I am a new homeowner who bought a house (built in the 1950’s) that had been vacant for over a year.
However, if you do have leaky ducts, with gaps that allow for significant amount of insulation and dust from attic/wall space to enter the ducting, it should be fixed to reduce the dust entering the home. This is not the same as duct cleaning, this is duct sealing and envelope sealing.
If you follow the above four steps, then you will never need to clean your AC ducting.  But what about the conditions recommended by the NADCA for the use of a duct cleaning company?  I’ll spare you my typical, cynical rant about the role that lobbyists play in swaying such organizations, and get to the list.  Let’s take a look at each:
3-Put them all in the bathtub in warm water. Add a few drops of dish soap to the water and let the bubbles build up. The dish soap will help cut in grease and grime that has built up on the vents. Let the vents soak for about 10 minutes.
Pulling large volumes of air toward the truck, we now feed our soft rubber, high pressure air scrubbing tools down each of the vent lines forcing all of the contaminants into the trunk line where its extracted into the truck.  This removes dirt, dust, pollen, chemical residue and pet dander that has collected over the years.
Our mission goes far beyond selling our service. We want to answer your questions and give you the tools necessary to make an intelligent decision about having the air ducts cleaned in your home or business.
The EPA recommends having the air ducts cleaned only as needed[3] — that is, when there is substantial visible mold growth inside, if the ducts are infested with rodents or insects, or if they’re clogged with excessive amounts of debris.
how effective is duct cleaning when i have skunk odor in my home, and will duct cleaning spew the smell right back into my home. I had my home sprayed by a skunk, or I may have a dead skunk deep inside my home somewhere that we can not get to
Make sure you do your research on the NADCA.org website, the Better Business Bureau and the attorney general. At Alpine we have an A+ rating with the BBB and zero consumer complaints. We are licensed and certified through NADCA. are a lot of shady air duct cleaning companies out there with too low to be true pricing. They are in trouble with the BBB, are NOT certified with NADCA and use bait and switch tactics. Go with a company that has long standing credibility.
There is no standard measurement for the effectiveness of UVGI cleaners. Typical UVGI cleaners used in homes have limited effectiveness in killing bacteria and molds. Effective destruction of some viruses and most mold and bacterial spores usually requires much higher UV exposure than is provided in a typical home unit. Furthermore, dead mold spores can still produce allergic reactions, so UVGI cleaners may not be effective in reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.
The Carpet and Rug Institute awarded Sears the Platinum Seal of Approval, which is the Highest Level of Performance for a Carpet Cleaning System. This deep-cleaning process removes harmful allergens, dust particles, and other debris that settles in the carpet.
We access the inside of the trunk lines (supply) and plenums (return air) and clean each one with specialized scrubbing air tools. Small 1″ holes allow access to every area as the dirt is pulled toward the attached vacuum hose. (all if reachable)
Ask the service provider whether they hold any relevant state licenses. As of 1996, the following states require air duct cleaners to hold special licenses: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Texas. Other states may require them as well.
Avoid Gimmicks: Ads for “$79 whole-house specials” are scams. At most a few ducts will get a very cursory vacuum; and at worst, you’ll end up talked into a much more expensive package. High-quality duct and HVAC cleaning should cost upwards of $500, take several hours with sophisticated equipment, and involve multiple workers.
The jury is out on whether or not cleaning your air ducts and vents has a significant enough impact to be necessary. A proven connection between immaculate duct systems and air quality in the home has not been made. However, if your vents display any of the signs listed above, cleaning would certainly be in your best interest. Allowing mold, debris and bacteria to fester could create bigger problems down the line. If having your system disinfected is within your budget, you may prefer to take care of these issues rather than ignore them.
The air duct cleaning exceeded all of our expectations – the cleaners were polite and really wanted to make sure we understood their NADCA process. It was a bit complicated and took them a few hours to complete, but the price was quoted and our vents were totally clean!
AirTek — a division of Alliance — is an Energy Star Partner and member of the Green Mechanical Council and the Indoor Air Quality Association. In addition, we adhere to all industry standards and recommendations set forth by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), IKECA and NFPA.
Note: The application of Oxine is not to be considered a substitute for mold remediation. If you have experienced water damage or have concerns about mold, please consult a mold remediation specialist.
These guys know what they are doing and do it right. The team Kent sent out did a very thorough job and were very polite and professional. We can already tell the difference. Kent came by to inspect the work and even threw in cleaning our short dryer vent. Let me say that the guys took down and scrubbed every vent, some with mold (not black mold). Kent gave us some great tips to extend the time between cleanings and was not pushing for unnecessary services or too frequent follow on cleaning. I will gladly call them in 5 years to re-clean our ducting, vents, fan, motor, and coil.
Everything went smoothly. One thing that would help would be for the payment to be clear before the visit. I did elect to have a deodorant application and I would have preferred to have the charge explained prior to the visit.

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