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I have worked with dozens of HVAC companies over the years as an operations and sales consultant. Duct cleaning is one of the lowest-risk highest-profit services an HVAC company can offer,and it is almost always a completely unnecessary waste of a homeowner’s money. Period, end of story.
Commercial Air Cleaners for Cigarette Smoke, Kitchen Exhaust, Mold, Pollen, Allergens and much more! Find Industrial air cleaners for Coolant Mist, Welding Fumes (including hexavalent chromium), Grinding Dust, Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Injection Molding, EDM Smoke and other industrial contaminants.
The Environmental Protection Agency claims that indoor air has been found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Now consider, that most people spend between 60% to 90% of their time indoors…the facts can be quite alarming.
On the other hand, if family members are experiencing unusual or unexplained symptoms or illnesses that you think might be related to your home environment, you should discuss the situation with your doctor. EPA has published the following publications for guidance on identifying possible indoor air quality problems and ways to prevent or fix them.
I agree with the first post, you should always avoid the scams of companies just trying to get their foot in the door. With our company personally we will give an estimate over the phone based off of sq ft and how many vents, and when we give a price quote that’s what it will be. I am a firm believer that you should know the exact cost before you have something done. Also the time is also correct, it takes time to go into someones home and do a great job. Anyone who is there less than one and a half hours should not have been there in the first place.
Homeowners are already asking for indoor air quality and energy saving solutions, and the demand is increasing as we speak. Our customers know that if they don’t offer these solutions, their competitors will. Our packages help you add these services, and the revenue they generate without adding the overhead of extra techs.
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**Do they clean the Air Handler Unit or Furnace? The most important part of your HVAC system is the Air Handler Unit. Will the company you call clean the air handler unit? (Blower, coils, insulation, drainpan)?
A thorough visual inspection is the best way to verify the cleanliness of your heating and cooling system. Some service providers use remote photography to document conditions inside ducts. All portions of the system should be visibly clean; you should not be able to detect any debris with the naked eye. Show the Post-Cleaning Consumer Checklist to the service provider before the work begins. After completing the job, ask the service provider to show you each component of your system to verify that the job was performed satisfactorily.
Call 313-Air-Duct for residential and commercial air duct cleaning services throughout Metro Detroit. Start to begin breathing and living better in your home today. We provide up-front estimates with no hidden costs or add-on pricing. Our professional technicians will quickly setup and complete the task of improving the air quality in your home for your entire Let us use our inspection equipment, and provide a complete analysis of the air quality in your home.
I have been in the IAQ field for 30 years and have seen it all. I’ve used truck mounted equipment, portable equipment ( the general ) and portable hepa vac equipment with 3500 cfm to 5000 cfm, can suck up a 16 lbs bowling ball. With all this suction power you would think that a little dust in the duct would be no problem. The National air duct association states that without agitation ( rotary brushes) the dust will still be adhered to the inside surface of the duct. So I guess what I’m saying is that Nadca certification is key along with the proper procedures.Consumers can go to the NADCA Website for more great information.
I just wanted to say that people run coupons everyday offering good deals. Why do they do this? To get people in their store, resteraunt or other place of business so they will hopefully buy other things as well. In case anyone did not know this is a marketing technique to generate more business which in return generates more revenue. More revenue equals successful business generally. So having said that just bc you find a coupon for an air duct cleaning does not mean it’s a scam. It could mean this company is trying to use every facet available to MAKE MORE MONEY! Aren’t we all trying to do that? Yes do your homework and make sure Joe Shmoe knows what he’s doing but do not speculate all companies running a coupon are out to scam you. After all you have the final say. No one is holding a gun to your head making you pay for extra services. Your not scammed because someone was a great salesman. Your scammed when someone says you have mold and does not show you or test it. Or when a two hour job takes thirty minutes. Or when their using a leaf blower and a shop vac. Use common sense people. I’m sure 90% of people know what mold looks like so ask to see it if they do not offer, or you may think somethings up if someone brings in a leaf blower and a Orek XL to clean your ducts. Or pulls up in a compact car talking about fee fie foe fum I’m gonna clean you air thingys. Common sense folks. Use your better judgement.
WELL, this summer when I opened them up we had black dust spewing from one of the upstairs vents. It resembled the fuzz that comes off new towels. This prompted us to look into duct cleaning. We heard from someone who had it done several times, said it was worthwhile, and knew of a firm that did a good job. Clean Air America sent a single technician for the appointment and after counting registers and ducts gave me a price of $360.00 which included “sanitizing” the system (a $99 additional fee per can used). The small size of the plenum forced him to connect the 8” round vacuum hose from the truck to the 10” square opening from our humidifier unit. In hindsight, a mistake since it reduced the “negative” pressure in the system.
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Yes everyone should get all their ductwork cleaned, because it does help, incame down with major allergies and had serval operations on my sinues because of this problem of air quality and dust, plus i almost died from one of the operations, i was suffering so much. Yes you can seal your duct system by buyind duct seal t instead of tape to tape all the corners of the vent system, tape wears out and gets brittle, the sealant you can buy at home depot, and you just brush it all over the connections of your ductwork, it comes in a container and it is like a thick paste and dries making a good seal for your ductwork.
Has the service provider adequately demonstrated that duct work and plenums are clean? (Plenum is a space in which supply or return air is mixed or moves; can be duct, joist space, attic and crawl spaces, or wall cavity.)

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  1. Commercial Air Cleaners for Cigarette Smoke, Kitchen Exhaust, Mold, Pollen, Allergens and much more! Find Industrial air cleaners for Coolant Mist, Welding Fumes (including hexavalent chromium), Grinding Dust, Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Injection Molding, EDM Smoke and other industrial contaminants.
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