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This landmark certification enhances one’s professional development and is a world-wide credential recognizing a person’s knowledge and skills related to HVAC system hygiene. ASCS Certification can benefit you professionally in many ways, including:
Verify Results: You should be offered a complete visual inspection of the HVAC system and ductwork, either in person or by remote camera. Make sure every single duct is clean, and insist on an inspection of the inside of the HVAC unit, before paying for the service.
A++++ to Dallas Air Duct Cleaning Company. Service was professional and good pricing. I used another company in the pass and they left my house with a lot of issues. My air duct is in perfect shape now. Thanks to Dallas Air Duct Cleaning Company. Will highly recommend this company to anyone…Great job guys…
Ductwork cleaning involves more components than just the ducts themselves. The air conditioning unit and/or furnace must be addressed during the task. Maintaining these components is key to improving efficiency. The following are average costs of cleaning the various kinds of AC and furnace units.
I did the $49.00 Groupon they just left. Basiclly all they did was stick a shop vac type hose into the vent supply and one return. I also had the dryer done. the person in charge pointed to the main return inside my humidifier and said it needed cleaning
The dust, pollen, dander, sawdust, mold spores and other lightweight particles that float in your home’s air eventually circulate through your heating and cooling system. Your furnace filter traps some of this airborne debris—if you replace your filter when it’s dirty—but some settles in the ductwork. That accumulated dirt is available to move back into the airflow and blow into your rooms. Your furniture and floors get dusty sooner, but worse, your home’s air quality can deteriorate. If you have respiratory problems, you might find it more difficult to breath. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you can be exposed to pollen all year long. Dirty ducts also make your heating and cooling system less efficient. The filter clogs faster, so the system has to work harder to move air—and you can end up with a higher energy bills. Also, particles of dirt wear on the components in your HVAC system, which can shorten its life.
Knowledge about air duct cleaning is in its early stages, so a blanket recommendation cannot be offered as to whether you should have your air ducts in your home cleaned. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urges you to read this document in it entirety as it provides important information on the subject.
I hope that those customers you have with breathing problems don’t follow your advice too closely. You are doing them a disservice. Dirt in your ducts does not always stay there, depending on what the contaminants are. I bet you tell your customers not to worry about mold either- just to kill it with bleach. Educate yourself before opening your mouth- You may kill someone someday with your opinion.
Chimney fires occur when there is a build up of creosote on the chimney flue walls. Creosote can burn at up to 2000℉ causing damage to fireplaces and flue, and possibly igniting surrounding materials.
Not only can getting your air ducts cleaned out make a difference in the air quality, but installing UV Lights can benefit you so much more. People readily accept that UV lights are useful in the medical field, food industries and even in water purification systems, but what many do not know, is the effectiveness that UV lights can have in your HVAC system. Having UV lights installed can reduce bacteria and even mold. With two primary UV light installations, the bacteria and mold won’t stand a chance. This is highly beneficial to those with respiratory issues and severe allergy complications. Coil Sterilization utilizes the UV lights in the return air duct that sterilizes the air handler coil. The second installation method is the Air Sterilization which uses the UV lights as a unit to sterilize the air as it flows through the ducts. Installed in the return air duct, the UV lights sterilize the air which then cycles through air handler blower.
NADCA’s standards dictate that a cleaning doesn’t just sweep the ducts, but addresses every component air passes over, including coils and the central system. The task involves at least a couple of workers, several hours and costly equipment, which is why air duct cleaning costs $400 or more, according to EPA and NADCA.
This is very helpful…I appreciate the step by step information as well as the pictures. I will pass this along to my son-in-law as I think this is something he will use soon. As a matter of fact, he will probably use it at my house!!! Great job…congrats on the hub of the day too….
Dear Angie: I’m looking to have my air ducts cleaned but I’ve seen prices vary from $99 to $800. I have not been given an explanation, that I believe, that describes the reason for the price difference. What are your thoughts on the reasons for the wide range of costs? — D.C., Landisville, Pennsylvania.
Great Service. This company is the BEST. They really know their stuff and don’t overcharge you. They followed up with us this morning after the service to even make sure we were satisfied post-cleaning. couldn’t ask for a better company in the customer service department.

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