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Utilizing the most advanced equipment, innovative technologies and a built-in accountability system, our professional crews complete every job right, with an uncompromising commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.
**Do they clean the Air Handler Unit or Furnace? The most important part of your HVAC system is the Air Handler Unit. Will the company you call clean the air handler unit? (Blower, coils, insulation, drainpan)?
The most important thing to know about achieving improved indoor air quality through Air Duct and HVAC cleaning is that there are no different levels of cleaning services. Anything less than complete cleaning of all various heating & cooling components of an air systems, Usual components are: the air ducts, registers, diffusers, grills, heat exchangers, coils, fan motor and housing and removal of all contaminants is unacceptable, and could leave you with more issues than you had before the cleaning. If improper equipment or procedures are used, contractors could make dormant contamination airborne and fail to collect all of it. If this happens, the next time your system is re-energized all that contamination could potentially go into the living space.
The most appealing argument that can be made is that cleaning your central air conditioning ductwork gives you peace of mind.  Think about it, you have no idea what is hidden in the depths of your AC ducts so it can be comforting to know that a professional has inspected them and taken a good look inside.  If you do decide to take this route, take some time to research your local contractors and only choose a reputable duct cleaner.  For more tips on how to choose an HVAC contractor, take a look at: How to Choose a Contractor: 5 HVAC Tips You Must Know.  Here are some possible advantages to having your AC ducts cleaned:
Air duct cleaning services have sparked a bit of controversy in the world of heating, cooling, and ventilation. Thanks to some illegitimate duct cleaners, this industry has been given a bad reputation for dishonesty and deception. Four Seasons has sought to change all that by offering air duct cleaning services that are not only honest and up-front in every respect but that are also helpful in improving the home’s indoor air quality. Contact Four Seasons today to experience the Four Seasons difference and to schedule your free estimate!
However, both EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association — which represents more than 1,000 cleaning companies nationwide — agree there’s some benefit in cleaning debris from ducts, furnaces, central air conditioners and ventilation.
I’m a heating and air conditioning contractor. I’ve been in the trade for over 15 years. I’ve witnessed numerous duct cleaning projects and talked with many duct cleaners. Duct cleaning as it’s usually promoted is a fraud. Most duct cleaners claim to deliver cleaner air. They deliver exactly the opposite. The studies on duct cleaning prove it, including a May 1998 study sponsored by NADCA and the EPA! The stories are compelling, but they can come up with stories that “prove” anything they want. Internet searches are dominated by results from those who are paid to tell you that duct cleaning is worthwhile. Search a little more and you’ll find the truth.
Commercial systems are often customized to fit the building they serve. They are almost guaranteed to feature added components, and will need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The more difficult the construction is to maneuver, the more you can expect to pay.
I am in need of HVAC ADVICE!! I need a new furnace badly, mine is cracked. I have bought both a 95 % AFUE furnace and a 5 Ton evap coil, I figured it should all be replaced at once for both cost and efficency. My question is with all the negaitive things I have heard about companies ripping you off, what type of price should I pay someone for putting in those two items and bringing everything in my attic up to code? have been quoted $550 – $ 3300. Wide margin here!! Then of course comes the licencing part!! I know in my heart that I should use a licenced contractor but I have had such bad luck and prices from them that honestly one that was licened in Ga. and just not here in TN and is a tech. which charges 1100 – 2200 less sounds good as so long as I pay some type of Profenial HVAC person say $100 to inspect the work after its done and before I pay them.
My hardwood floors are always dirty. Would air duct cleaning help all that much. I have 3 cats and 1 small dog and family always is in and out a lot. No one leaves shoes at door. When I look at my floors at night with a flashlight dirt is everywhere. So I guess our family home is full of dirt all the time because of these habits. I vacuum but it is always dirty. What do you think is best solution?
I can’t believe I got ripped off by this Air Duct Cleaners. I called them for this $63 coupon per furnace unlimited vents then when they came after he checked it all I hear is I have molds and leak all is worth $499, $799, $899 per furnace but I told him to just clean the duct and patch the single leak per furnace worth $38 each. Still eanding $899 total. All the work he done is in less than an hour he didnt even go to each vent to clean it. All he did is to path the air leak on that entry pipe to the furnace and open the main venting system, vacuum it, and wash the floor of the vent with a solution. Overall time is about 20 mins talking with me discussing all the option which thinking they made me think I don’t really have an option and 40 mins wash and vacuum he took pictures of before and after of only one furnace. He gave me a receipt without the details on what he has done in the house just the name and price. I think we may need a strict law to punish and control all this companies who do this so other company who do good will despise them.
1. Ducts need cleaning mostly because they were not installed properly. There should be regulatory inpection and approval of clean and proper duct works on new houses. I was extremely unpset when I looked and found significant amounts of construction dust in parts of the ducts in my new house. There is apparently no way to hold the bullder to be responsible for clean ducts.
The benefits of air duct cleaning run the gamut from health-related to financial. Your furnace and ductwork serve as your home’s respiratory system, pulling air from inside your home through the return ducts, where the air moves through the air filter into the furnace to be heated before passing through the supply ducts and back into your living space. Dust, pet dander, debris, pathogens, allergens, chemicals, dust mites—all of these contaminants become trapped inside your air ducts over time, and as the air moves through the system, it passes through these dirty ducts, redistributing the dirt throughout your home or simply depositing it in the ducts where it builds up over time. Air duct cleaning can dramatically reduce the number of contaminants present in your home’s indoor air.

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  1. Cleaning should include: cleaning all of registers, inside the ductwork, the interior of the heating/ventilating system, the furnace fan, and the coils for an air conditioner or heat pump, according to Real-Estate-Agents.com[2] . Once the system is clean, a disinfectant can be sprayed throughout to kill any mold, bacteria or dust mites that remain.
    “Honesty is everything with these people. They checked all the vents connected to my dryers and said I didn’t need any cleaning of the ducts since they were all clean. Two other companies gave me price per vent without looking at the job. The gutter maintence earned my future business through honesty”
    There are a few different methods to cleaning air ducts. The main reason for a good or not good experience with a duct cleaning company is the individual that is performing the task. I have seen a couple ways of doing it and both work if the person at the other knows what to do. You can also ask them if they have a scope so you can see in the ducts and verify a good job.
    An entire industry has developed to address these issues. It’s called the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry, and the backbone of the industry is air duct cleaning. The best companies also provide dryer vent cleaning as an added service that keeps homes safe from fire and fumes.

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