“hvac air duct cleaning |is air duct cleaning a waste of money”

Bee’s Air Duct Cleaning is a family owned and operated duct cleaning company serving Metro Denver and Northern Colorado. Bee’s very first job in the HVAC industry was as an air duct cleaner. Bee’s air duct clean Denver realized that his job was not really to clean the duct work, it was to sell additional services.  He quickly moved up and spent more than a decade as an HVAC technician repairing and replacing furnaces and air conditioners. He noticed a big push to replace systems instead of maintain them. This is how Bee’s Air Duct Cleaning was born. Bee and the rest of us at Bee’s air duct cleaning believe in taking care of the furnace and air conditioner you have, so it runs as efficiently as possible and last a long long time.
Even though there is no evidence to support the claim that duct cleaning benefits your health, there is also no evidence that it harms your health if done properly.  So if you have just had your ducts cleaned, don’t fret about it.  It wasn’t a bad investment in your health and overall it definitely helped more than it hurt.
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The time for the service given to me was between 12 and 6PM. The technician’s arrived at 10AM, and also I didn’t receive any prior notification that they are arriving early. That was a major inconvenience, although the technicians were very understanding and courteous. Somebody in the administration surely goofed up. Not expected from SEARS!
9. Replace furnace filter. Buying a better filter will definitely cut down on the dust in your home. But the better the filter, the more often you should change it; a dirty filter restricts the airflow to the fan, which results in the blower motor running hotter and reducing its lifespan. How often you should change your filter depends on your home, your pets, and your location.
SERVPRO Franchise Professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.
I am NADCA Certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist. Over the years I have learned on simple answer to this questions: there air duct cleaners and there are pretenders. There will be no benefit at all if you use on the very cheap pretender because they will not really clean anything. On the other hand if you call a qualified air duct cleaner with a NADCA Certification you will, like 99% of my customers, report improvement with your respiratory problems, you will see less dust and the job will pay for itself with energy savings and repair prevention.
The fogger is placed in the air conditioner’s intake with the system’s fan running to sanitize the entire system and to inhibit the future microbiological growth by utilizing a natural disinfectant that is harmless to occupants.
I had my a/c and furnace serviced and cleaned as well as my ducts cleaned and everything went smoothly and for a reasonable price. Evelyn was excellent at keeping me updated on the progress of the work since I wasn’t able to be there in person. Great customer service and speed of scheduling.
Tom Bergendahl of Wakefield, Massachusetts, wishes he’d hired a reputable service to clean his air ducts instead of a local company that has since gone out of business. “Duct cleaning is a fragile operation, and if you don’t do it right, you can damage the system,” he says. “They completely wrecked the motor.”
Learn how to identify and deal with the most common and hazardous environmental threats facing property managers. This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know to mitigate the risk of litigation and keep your properties’ inhabitants safe from asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold.
We are a hvac company that provide air duct cleaning service are minimum charge $400 to do a proper air duct cleaning with 2 techs avg 3-6 hours that includes sanitizing. I get phone calls all day about the $99 your not going to get much of a cleaning for that price it for them to get there foot in the door and up sell that the only way for them to stay in business. Just from my 15 years of duct cleaning customers who contact our air duct cleaning specialists often start the conversation with this question and it can be a hard one to answer. Conditions in every building vary and depending on several factors, it may be time to have your residential, commercial, or industrial space inspected and cleaned. Some of these factors can include:
After the air duct cleaning service was complete, one of the men gave me a video inspection through one of the vents, and it was amazingly clean. The duct cleaning service took approximately 2 hours and they left no mess. Since the service, I have noticed very little dust inside my house.
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A proper home air duct cleaning costs anywhere from $400-$1,000, depending on the size of the system to be cleaned, the type of services offered, the regional climate and the level of use the ventilation system gets, the type of materials inside the ductwork and the amount of contaminants (dust, mold, etc.). A 1,400-square-foot home with only one system of ducts will usually be at the lower end of the scale, while a 3,500-square-foot home with multiple heating/cooling systems is at the upper end of the price range.
I’ve been scammed too. I paid the living social special and they came out and did a sucky job and said we had mold so I paid $330 for it and my neighbor said I shouldn’t have because it is hard to get mold out here were we live. They used a shop vac and a bottle spray which probably had clorox. $330 down the drain for free.
You should be aware that although a substance may look like mold, a positive determination of whether it is mold or not can be made only by an expert and may require laboratory analysis for final confirmation. For about $50, some microbiology laboratories can tell you whether a sample sent to them on a clear strip of sticky household tape is mold or simply a substance that resembles it.
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I bought a Supply Vent Cleaning + Furnace Inspection service with GreenHeat service back through Amazon deal in Nov and used it before it expires. Cost 50$ for that deal. 2 guys came did the vent cleaning very quick and after inspecting the furnace, talked me into doing a deep cleaning for the blower. After 20% discount, price was 375, so I bargained down to 320$. They took the blower out, cleaned throughly (it was very dirty). Also sanitized and vacuum the rest of the furnace. I am satisfied with their service.
The dust, pollen, dander, sawdust, mold spores and other lightweight particles that float in your home’s air eventually circulate through your heating and cooling system. Your furnace filter traps some of this airborne debris—if you replace your filter when it’s dirty—but some settles in the ductwork. That accumulated dirt is available to move back into the airflow and blow into your rooms. Your furniture and floors get dusty sooner, but worse, your home’s air quality can deteriorate. If you have respiratory problems, you might find it more difficult to breath. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you can be exposed to pollen all year long. Dirty ducts also make your heating and cooling system less efficient. The filter clogs faster, so the system has to work harder to move air—and you can end up with a higher energy bills. Also, particles of dirt wear on the components in your HVAC system, which can shorten its life.
As an authorized Trane® dealer, we offer high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that both save you money and ensure your comfort. This also means you are sure to find the best deals on industry leading energy efficient central air & furnace models! We also provide sales, service, and installation of furnaces and air conditioners from a wide array of other manufacturers including Carrier, Payne, Goodman, and many more! To help maintain your equipment’s efficiency, extend its life, and keep your heating/cooling bill to a minimum, call Chicagoland’s premier HVAC partner. We also offer annual service contracts.
Avoid Sealants and Sprays: Both the EPA and the NADCA recommend against the use of sprayed sealants or other potentially harmful chemicals inside air ducts. Biocides and anti-microbial treatments are also iffy, since the chemicals may cause more harm than good to your health. No chemicals are currently registered with the EPA for use inside ductwork.
If you do have children or spouses who suffer from allergies or reactions to the air turning on, it might be an indication there is something in there making them react. They should speak with their doctors and then get a heating and cooling contractor out if it is recommended that airborne pathogens are the cause of their reaction.

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  1. There are many things that people can do themselves in regards to HVAC when given the needed information. I am glad you find this useful. I have and will continue to publish hubs that not only show people things about HVAC they can do themselves but will also save very significant amounts of money. HVAC is an expensive service so anything you can learn to do yourself will save a minimum of $125 as this is the common base rate of a licensed service trip.
    I replaced all the ducts but the trunks in my 1969 home when I replaced the horizontal furnace under the house with a gas pack. I got advice from a friend who was an HVAC contractor. I was surprised to find the trunks and other ducts very clean. I replaced the individual runs with flex primarily for the insulation. I wrapped the trunks with insulation also.
    I had both of our furnaces cleaned and inspected. The 3 gentleman were on time, looked professional and best of all walked me through the entire process. If you are looking for a reliable service that promises what they quote…look no further.

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